Nevada law limits pot sales to 1 ounce, but 'dispensary hopping' possible



On July 1, recreational marijuana will be sold legally in Nevada to adults 21 and older.
While there are limits on purchasing, there could be some loopholes that allow customers to easily violate the possession law.
Existing medical dispensaries track each patient who walks through the establishment and how much marijuana they purchase.

On July 1, the dispensaries will no longer use that tracking system, for medical patients nor recreational buyers.
At Las Vegas Releaf, Damien White is stocking up on supplies and identifying which items can be sold.
While each dispensary must enforce the purchasing limit, there’s not much stopping a customer from hopping from one dispensary to another to buy more pot--or even getting back in line at the same shop for a second purchase.
“They can come back later that day and purchase even more but they’re still subject to the legal possession limit of one ounce,” said White, adding: “That’s something we still need to evaluate. With recreational happening a couple days away, the regulations are coming out each day, so we’re still going to be evaluating how to properly handle that.”
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Nevada is gearing up for the so-called green rush on July 1 with a strong message from Gov. Brian Sandoval’s office.
“The most important thing for the governor is he wants a tightly regulated industry,” said Mike Willden, who is the governor’s chief of staff.
For edibles like pot-infused chocolate and cookies, recreational customers will have stricter restrictions than medical patients.