Parties Hide in the Weed(s) on Legalizing Marijuana

temp-post-imageColorado did it. Oregon and Washington, too. Sarah Palin’s Alaska did it. Maine hasn’t done it yet, but its biggest city, Portland, did.

Even the District of Columbia did it, which may explain that goofy grin on Joe Biden’s face. Spain, Portugal, Holland and Uruguay did it, to one degree or another. Many other countries are doing it or thinking about doing it.

Hell, North Korea reportedly did it, though you’re out of luck if you get the munchies.

Bangladesh did it. At the risk of starting a stampede to Bangladesh, I read you can get a gram of decent local product for 15 cents. No wonder they call their river the Ganga.

Yes, the list of jurisdictions around the world with legal recreational marijuana is growing like, well, a weed.

So what’s keeping us? Why is it still a taboo on the campaign trail? Why is even hipster Justin Trudeau chickening out? Why is it nowhere to be found on major party platforms?