"We trust soldiers to carry guns all the time when they are stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan, but somehow when they come home we no longer trust them." -John Lott


We ask the bravest, finest most self-sacrificing people among us to do the things no one wants to discuss. They must kill in the name of keeping the United States safe. They cannot unsee their experiences. However, after entrusting them to serve & keep us...the United States does not wholly feel they are capable of choosing their own medication to heal their wounds.

YES- you may make life or death decisions on the battlefield.

NO- you may not lessen your PTSD, Chronic Pain, Migraines, or other ailments with medically proven and harmless cannabis.

Last week five US Military personnel were killed and two others injured in a horrific shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Some states are calling for their active military to begin carrying guns full time. But not cannabis. Not yet. "Cannabis is a dangerous."

"It's never ever feeling safe. It's never taking a full breath of air in your lungs. It's the feeling of walking barefoot over glass, except the feeling is all over your body every time you leave your house." -Anonymous