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Pfeiffer HiCube 80 Eco Turbomolecular Dry Pumping Station


SKU: 3604075


The new Pfeiffer HiCube™ 80 Eco is the complete solution for high vacuum applications. Modular, flexible, compact and versatile, Pfeiffer offers a low-cost compact turbo drag pumping station ideal for analytical and R&D applications. Includes HiPace 80 turbo pump, MVP 015 dry diaphragm backing pump and DCU 002 control unit.


  • Completely lubricant free and oil free means clean vacuum to revent cross contamination

  • Modular design enables easy access to individual pumping components

  • Complete, dry, high-vacuum pumping system backed by diaphragm pump

  • Integrated turbo pump controller for ease of operation

  • Plug-and-play design eliminates installation hassles and unnecessary cabling

  • Integrated air-cooling kit

  • DCU002 enables operation and connection of gauges

  • Ultimate pressure of 1 x 10-7 mbar for ISO flanges and 1 x 10-10 for CF versions


  • Spectroscopy

  • Tube manufacture

  • Thermal evaporation and sputtering systems

  • Surface science

  • Laboratory applications

  • Leak detection

  • Small coating system


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